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Charlotte dubois

(Actress, piano, theremin, stage accompaniment)

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Charlotte Dubois is a multifaceted artist.

Actress: After a theatrical training within the Jesse de Forest school (directed by Jean-Paul Denizon and Noël Casale), she first started in a troupe for the show P. (role of the tinker bell), then created her own character, Graziella Fanfan. From this character was created two shows, "Fée Divers" and Graziella Fanfan féefant ", written by her father Pierre Dubois and directed by herself. Within our company, she created the show" Betty et l 'bear who took himself for a robot "with Black Adopo. She has also conducted numerous workshops for a variety of audiences (retirement homes, schools, high school, colleges, prisons, etc.) and, fascinated by the exploration of the voice , has specialized in the use of it and has consolidated her knowledge by following several dubbing courses with big names (Emmanuel Karsen, Brigitte Lecordier, etc ...).

Stage director, scenographer, group accompanist: Charlotte Dubois has often staged herself, then she has staged music groups. She finally integrated the group accompaniment branch of the ARA in 2014 in which she provided scenic accompaniment to around forty groups from the region (YN, Perfect and Crew, Pastel Coast, etc.).

Musician: after 11 years of playing the piano during her childhood, Charlotte Dubois returned to her first passion, music, when she started at Thérémine in 2018. In August 2020, she began to compose her own pieces and released an album at the end of 2021 bringing together his compositions for piano and theremin.

charlotte dubois

charlotte dubois

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